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Why hire a Professional Wedding DJ 'All-Day'?

July 29, 2018

How important is your Wedding Ceremony music?

Can you imagine having the music played through an inept sound system that really isn't capable of delivering the right sounds? It would be horrible, right?


Some venues do have a sound system that are suitable for some wedding ceremonies. A lot of them don't though!

They may well tell you that theirs is capable, and that they use it week-in-week-out for conferences and ceremonies without any complaints.

This does not mean that it is suitable.


You are better off having 'too much' sound available, and not needing to use it to its full capacity, than not having enough quality sound available, even though you need it!




I have seen portable CD players being used in hotels, with a junior member of agency staff, being used to 'hopefully' play the right track, at a decent enough volume, to a crowd of 100 guests!!!



But the venue said that it is how they always do the wedding ceremony.

Does this mean we should 'believe' them?


From my experience, I have witnessed many, many wedding venues either telling couples that certain things are, or aren't suitable for their wedding.


Quite possibly because they are one of the 'wedding factories' that would like each and every wedding that they host, to be the same as the last. And this is all for their benefit, not yours!



Each section of music during your Wedding Ceremony, not only needs to be timed to perfection, edited and cued up perfectly, but it needs to have different volume levels appropriate to the moment. Why would anyone want their exit music played at the same volume level as they had during 'the signing of the register'? Get that volume up, and let people hear and FEEL the excitement.



What about music during your Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast?


This really can be a magical ingredient in helping make your evening reception party EVEN better than it would have been with the same DJ, only there for the evening.


Music is SO good at helping to get the excitement going, the imagination flowing, the memories rushing back, and raising the atmosphere, that to me, it really would be important.


Over the years, I have had people singing and dancing at, around, and even ON their tables during a Wedding Breakfast.

Was I playing dance floor classics?


Was I playing the same old music that I have played at many weddings prior?



Just through my experience and knowledge of music, as well as interacting with some of the guests earlier in the day, I had managed to figure out what might get them tapping their feet.

Then I observed and experimented with some quality tunes from all different types of genres and decades, and 'BOOM' I exploded through the 'background' music barrier and into the perfect soundtrack.


Your venue may well say that they can provide you with 'background' music throughout your wedding breakfast. They may even allow you to plug in an ipod or similar into their system to play your choice of music.

This however, doesn't alter the volume up or down at key points, nor does it easily allow changes to the list or order of music like a Wedding DJ could.



With some venues, you would barely visually notice my stunning White Wedding Package in the background, but you would definitely notice it sound-wise compared to the venue's built in sound system.



So how much of a difference could a Professional Wedding DJ make at your Wedding?


With about 60% of my clients now using me and my services for more than just their Evening Reception, I can categorically say that their Wedding Day is normally far better than had they just hired me for the evening.

This is not to say that my clients that hire me for the evening only, don't have a great time, as they do. I can just tell from experience that having myself involved all-day, is a major benefit to any wedding.




 Whether you are planning your Wedding Ceremony outside or in, I am more than capable and willing to help you achieve exactly what you wish for.


Let your venue concentrate on 'venue matters', and have a musical professional concentrate on your music.


All the best,





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