I do get asked a wide range of questions.

It is true that 'you don't know, what you don't know', and I have put this list of Frequently Asked Questions, along with my answers, to help you in your quest to find The Perfect Wedding DJ for you.

What are your prices?

My prices do vary depending on the services required and the finer details after that, such as the day of the week, timings required and location etc. Weekend prices:

  • My Elegant Evening Classic Wedding Package, my fees start from £600.
  • My Graceful Dining & Dancing Package starts from £900.
  • My All-Day Musical Perfection Package starts from £1150.

Do you supply Speakers and Lighting?

Yes. The venues that restrict the use of a DJ bringing using their own equipment such as Speakers and Lighting are few-and-far between. Unless your venue demands the use of their own equipment, I will supply and use my excellent, professional equipment.

Do you supply Photo Booths?

Yes. I have a variety of Photo Booth options available for you.

  • The stylish and very modern Social Media Photo Station
  • The traditional enclosed Photo Booth
  • The stunning Magic Mirror
Each option comes with party props and are great fun. Prices do vary depending on the style, sizes/dimensions and timings required.

I'm getting married during the week, will this affect the cost?

Any midweek wedding (Monday to Thursday), automatically receive my Midweek Wedding Discount of £100 on either my Classic Wedding Package, or my White Wedding Package. Even though my availability is much greater during the week, you can rest-assured that my professionalism and dedication to the success of your Wedding Day will still exceed your expectations.

How do you take payment?

My preferred payment method is via Bank Transfer, although cash and PayPal are options available for you. I require an Initial Payment and returned Contract Offer to secure your date, and the remaining balance to be cleared at least 3 weeks prior to your Wedding. You are more than welcome to pay in instalments if you prefer.

Do you supply a contract?

Yes I do. After I have heard about your requirements and ideas that you have for your Wedding Day, I will email you with my Firm Quote and Contract Offer. If you are happy to proceed with my proposal, you can 'electronically' sign and agree the offer, both parties will be sent the counter-signed document.

Can you supply Microphones for our speeches?

Yes. If you would like up to 4x wireless microphones to use for your speeches, I can help you. These will be supplied with brand new batteries, and I can also demonstrate to those using them, the best techniques. Not only can these run through my own speaker systems, I can also run these through the speaker systems of the venue if necessary.

Do you supply Dance Floors?

Yes I do. There is a huge variety of dance floors available; from the amazing Video Dance Floors, to the very popular and beautiful White Starlit LED Dance Floor. Through the lovely Black & White Chequered style, to the Wooded variety. Whatever you would prefer, is down to personal taste. Most venues do have their own dance floor, whether it be a permanent fixture or portable dance floor. However, from my experience, I have noticed that the majority of portable dance floors that the venues use, are not particularly well looked after. Some venues don't really need an additional dance floor as they look fantastic already. Prices to hire in a dance floor vary drastically depending on the style, size/dimensions and timings required.

Do you offer any Armed Forces/Services Discounts?

Yes! And I am proud to do so. As a Veteran myself, I really do look forward to, and enjoy working with serving members of The Services as much as I do with Veterans.

Can we choose any of the music?

It is YOUR Wedding Day, and you MUST be able to have a choice in EVERYTHING! If you would like to choose it all, that is fine. If you would like to choose half of the music, that is fine. If you don't want to choose the music, that is perfectly fine. It is your Wedding. I can be hired to help you in any way you wish. With that, I supply all of my clients with their very own online Music Planning Porthole.

  • Here you can easily choose music via multiple-choice options of artists, track names etc, and prioritise them.
  • You can manually enter details.
  • You can offer this Planning Porthole to some/all of your guests in advance AND have the power to accept/deny their requests.

Do you only DJ at weddings?

No. My love and passion happens to be helping to create beautiful weddings, but this does not mean that I limit myslef to weddings only. I often have the pleasure of DJing at adult birthday parties, anniversaries, and more. I have a few superb clients that hire me to assist them with their annual corporate events, dinner-dance nights and presentation evenings.

What music do you play?

I can play pretty much any music. My musical library and knowledge is vast. However, each and every person prefers some different music tracks, artists and genres, to the next person. I am here to help you create the Wedding Day that you dream of. That may well be to have your favourite music playing, it may be to fill the dance floor with your closest friends and family. It is YOUR Wedding Day, and you MUST be able to have a choice in EVERYTHING! With that, I supply all of my clients with their very own online Music Planning Porthole.

  • Here you can easily choose music via multiple-choice options of artists, track names etc, and prioritise them.
  • You can manually enter details.
  • You can offer this Planning Porthole to some/all of your guests in advance AND have the power to accept/deny their requests.

We have found a DJ at a cheaper price than yours. Can you match or beat their price?

The short answer is NO. I am dedicated to making each and every wedding that I have the honour of working at, a complete success. There is no other DJ out there that can replicate what I do, in the way that I do them. My prices are exceptional value for money considering the results that I would produce for you.

Can we use you if the venue already has a resident DJ?

If a venue won't let you use the suppliers of your choice, maybe you should think about choosing a different wedding venue. Why are they demanding that you use their resident supplier? Is it for financial gain? Do they have a conflict-of-interest with their resident suppliers? It is YOUR Wedding Day. You MUST have a choice in anything and everything to do with your Wedding! Venues may well have a preferred suppliers list, but a preferred list is not a demand. You still have a choice.

We are looking at having our Ceremony outside. Can you help?

Yes. I am pleased to have organised and supplied the music at quite a few weddings that have had the ceremony outdoors.

What areas do you cover?

Although based in Surrey, I am happy to work wherever I am asked. I have travelled up to Yorkshire for a beautiful wedding, Shropshire, The Cotswolds a few times, in to London, I often travel down to The South Coast and in to The New Forest, or up in to Essex and Hertfordshire. Over the past couple of years, I have been across many times in to Kent and Sussex. If you would like me to help you with your Wedding Day, then I am happy wherever it may be.

Do you have Insurance?

Yes I do. I hold Public Liabilty Insurance of up to £10million. My policy documents can be forwarded to your venue direct, or to yourself if you would prefer to forward them on. My electrical equipment is also tested annually (PAT Testing) and should your venue require my PAT Register and Certificate, this can be forwarded on too.

What will happen if you are ill on my Wedding Day?

As a full member of The National Assocaition Of Disc Jockeys, I am part of a fantastic network of Professional Wedding DJs that will pull out all of the stops to ensure that your Wedding Day goes without any problems.

Can we meet you before our Wedding?

Yes. I would love to meet up with you both as soon as possible! We could meet up at your home perhaps, or at your chosen venue, or even just for a coffee somewhere. The best weddings that I have been a part of, have been the weddings in which my clients and I have met up at least a couple of times prior, in order to run through the details and ideas. If I were to marry again, I would be wanting to meet up with as many of my suppliers as possible......as many times as needed.

Could we hire you for our same-sex wedding?

Same-sex wedding? Gay wedding? LGBT wedding? There is no such thing! Any wedding, is simply that.......A Wedding! It does not matter to me whether you are having a same-sex wedding, or one of those old fashioned mixed-sex weddings. What matters to me is that you and your partner want to get married, and in hiring me, you obviously want THE BEST WEDDING EVER!

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