Looking for The Perfect Wedding Day?

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Who can blame you for dreaming of The Perfect Wedding?

Why wouldn't you want to have your Wedding Day exactly how you want it?

You don't want an average Wedding, do you?

Award Winning DJ... for a reason!

I only seek to take on a maximum of 40 weddings each year, as any more and it wouldn't be possible for me to devote the time and passion required to make each wedding absolutely 'Perfect'.

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DJ Steve Telling IS...The Surrey Wedding DJ

Lets Get Planning Your Special Day

I will always be as available for you as I possibly can be.

Communication is key in planning your Wedding. I am keen on not only communicating with yourself as my clients, but also with your venue coordinator, wedding planner, photographer, videographer, musicians and band, toastmaster, photobooth and other suppliers so that it may benefit your Wedding Day.

I really do care about the success of your Wedding Day

Award Winning Wedding DJ 2018, Silver

Award Winning Wedding DJ 2018

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Giving Your Wedding, The Personal Touch

Professional Wedding DJ, Steve Telling

Don't think that all DJs are the same!

DJs, Wedding DJs, Mobile DJs. Is there a difference?

We all play music, right? So why do prices vary so much?

A lot of DJs have 'a day-job' and will try to be available for your Wedding.

They see it as extra-income. A bit of pocket-money.

My advise to you would be to seek a Full-Time, Professional Wedding DJ that has the time and experience to plan and deliver The Wedding Of Your Dreams.

Also, deal directly with the DJ or supplier that will be personally involved with your Wedding Day, not just 'The Company'.

Beware The 'Package Wedding'!

There are very few of us Expert Wedding DJs that really care about you and your Wedding Day.

Too many DJs and Suppliers have become 'gig chasers'. They are looking for as many weddings to 'take on' as possible, before knowing if they even having the part-time staff on board to 'send' to your Wedding.

'Recommended' suppliers can be a great use to you, but only those 'recommended suppliers' that don't pay a venue for them to be 'recommended'.

Why would a supplier pay to be 'recommended'? If they were good enough, they wouldn't need to pay, would they?

How do you know if the supplier pays to be 'recommended'? Simple... You don't!