About Steve

Wedding Planner, or Wedding DJ?

To be invited to help create The Perfect Wedding Day for a couple in love.... WOW.... What an honour!

Everything that I plan, supply and deliver, is only ever for the benefit of my clients and their Wedding.

The earlier that I can be involved in the planning of your Wedding Day, the better it will be.

This is why I limit myself to a maximum of 40 Weddings per year!

Why Weddings?

My Wedding Day in 2006 was superb. My Wife had planned and organised it perfectly. I say that my Wife organised it all, because she did! I tried to arrange the suits for 'The Guys', and I messed that up!

Do I wish that I had helped more in the planning?

Do I wish that we had done anything differently?

Nope! Not at all.

Our Wedding Day reflected where we were in our lives 12 years ago.

I knew nothing about getting married, or weddings in general.

Wedding DJ Steve Telling married

What I have learned since;

Modern Wedding DJ with amazing ideas for Your Wedding Day

Through attending many weddings since my own, as well as extensive training from experts, I have learned, witnessed, and experienced 'The Good' and 'The Bad' that can, and does happen.

Like my Brother and Sister-In-Law did with their Wedding Cake, YOU MUST be able to choose exactly what YOU want, and find the right supplier to make it happen.

I said earlier that I do not wish that we had done anything differently on our Wedding Day. I stand by that.

However, if I knew then, what I know now about weddings, we would have done things totally different!

Create The Best Wedding Day Ever! 

Let's Make It... Fun...Memorable...Unique

Based in Surrey, covering London and the South of The UK

Professional Wedding DJ, Steve Telling

Award Winning Wedding DJ 2018, Silver

What I can help you with;

I am here to help you with anything related to your Wedding. Literally anything! This helps me to be a highly recommended DJ for Weddings from other expert suppliers and previous clients.

I may not be very skilled when it comes to make-up and hair. My experience at cooking may not be a wise choice to utilise in the kitchen.

However, I may well have that superb colleague or expert within my network of friends that can be of assistance to you.

Don't be told who you must use or what you must do. Don't be told that you can't do something, or can't use someone.

It is YOUR Wedding Day. Have it YOUR way!

Do you dream of 'The Perfect' Wedding Day?

Send me a quick Message by pressing the Green Button.

Ask me to Call You by pressing the Yellow Button.

With Me, you get;

An Expert in the art of Wedding Music
Face-to-Face meetings
Unlimited Communication
Full Co-ordination with other suppliers
Non-Cheesy, Modern Wedding DJ
Reassurance with contracts and receipts
Your own Online Planning System
Honest and experienced ideas

My services;

Perfect Wedding Ceremony Music
Personalised Soundtrack throughout
Modern Master Of Ceremonies
Beautiful Lighting
Perfect Pre-Wedding Planning
PA and Microphones for Toasts and Speeches
Optional Extras such as LOVE Letters and more
Wedding Party DJ
Award Winning Wedding DJ 2018, Silver

Personal Review

We couldn't believe someone would go to such lengths to make someone's day perfect. His attention to detail on the day was amazing. He was so so amazing.

Even though the venue is 4 hours away from where he is based they have added him to their list of recommendations.

Thanks again Steve.”​


—  Lucy & Steve

Ideas, Options and Personal Service

With my Modern and Non-Cheesy approach, I may well have some fantastic suggestions on how to make your Wedding Day even better than you had imagined.

When implemented perfectly, these methods and ideas will leave your friends and family in awe at how brilliant your Wedding was, and will speak about it for years to come.

With the honour of being asked to provide my services for you as the Expert Wedding DJ for your Wedding, I will never pass that responsibility on to another DJ or company. I do have some fantastic colleagues within my network that I wholeheartedly trust, and we are there to help each other out at times of need, though I will not take on any wedding and pass it on to someone else. If you place your trust in me, it will be me that helps make your Wedding THE BEST EVER!

Award Winning Wedding DJ 2018, Silver

Award Winning Wedding DJ 2018

Recommended By Other Wedding Experts

Giving Your Wedding, The Personal Touch

Professional Wedding DJ, Steve Telling

What if your venue includes a DJ?

Have you ever wondered why some venues include a DJ in a Wedding Package?

Some venues choose to for a variety of different reasons. But it's not their Wedding! It's yours. With DJ prices for weddings ranging from £200 for someone that wants extra pocket money from their hobby, to the £1000s for the sought after, there is quite a choice. However... It is YOUR Wedding. It should be YOUR choice!

Some venues include DJs as they see it as an easy way to make money. For example, they charge you £400 for 'a DJ', and hire someone in for £150... and you don't have any communication with the said DJ!

Are they even a DJ? Would you place the success of Your Wedding Reception on such a DJ? I know that I wouldn't!

Some suppliers even pay to be 'recommended'!!! How is that an honest recommendation?

Beware of 'The Included DJ'!

Please drop me a quick Message here

DJ Steve Telling IS...The Surrey Wedding DJ

As a Professional Wedding DJ in Surrey, and a very proud Modern Wedding DJ, I am pleased to have my profile shown on the amazing Bridebook website.

If you are looking for DJ prices for Weddings or The Best Wedding DJ in Surrey, you can find me on the very useful Mobile DJ Network website here.

Perhaps you are in need of a Recommended DJ for Weddings. Look no further. You could even use Add-to-event for sourcing other wedding suppliers for your big day.